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Monday, June 11, 2012

Well-Being At The Workplace

Paolo Manneschi was born in Florence Italy on June 29, 1961. For thirty years he and his family ran and operated one of the largest gyms in Florence. During this time Paolo practiced Judo and began competing at a national level. In 1980 he trained for the Moscow Olympic Games. He was a Judo instructor for several youth groups in Florence and continues to instruct today. In 1994 he earned his diploma in Massiofisioterepia (Massage Physical Thearapy). His many years of experience working in the sports/athletics field created a deep passion and love for the human body and how it functions. He is specifically interested in the body’s posture and the effects of good posture which he learned through his practice of Judo. Paolo works for the county of Florence in the sports sector as an administrator. He lives in Florence with his family. Introduction from the Author There are many reasons we cannot dedicate time to exercise each day. For many it is the daily pressures of balancing work and family, and for others it may be excessive demands of career and the modern lifestyle. However, we all must find a place and a time to get our exercise in each day. I decided that there was a strong need to find a way get exercise in while you are stuck at your desk. I examined the various postures and problems of articulation caused by a sedentary lifestyle and devised an innovative series of exercises which anyone can do while seated at a desk. The sedentary lifestyle is more dangerous than most people might think. We have all become accustomed to working in offices, sitting in front of computers and televisions, sitting behind the wheel in a car, for eight hours or more each day. What are the risks involved in this? The evidence is showing that too much sitting can lead not only to obesity, but also chronic disease, and premature death. Medical experts advise that every person gets at least 30 to 60 minutes a day of exercise. Most people do not get even this minimal amount, but for those who do, it may not fully combat the problems caused by a continuous periods of sitting. It is essential to break up sitting periods with an effective exercise or stretching routine. Studies show that obesity, diabetes, and rates of heart disease increase by up to 3 times in people who sit excessively. The reason for this is that circulation is inhibited by sitting, especially of the enzyme called Lipase which is used by the body to absorb fats. When this enzyme is not readily available, the body resorts to absorbing fat into the muscles which causes obesity. Fat also continues to stay in your bloodstream longer which causes clogging of arteries and eventually to various forms of heat disease. What can be done to prevent these problems? The essential thing to be done is to get up off your chair regularly each day and get your body and circulation moving. Muscles need to be loosened to allow the healthy flow of blood and enzymes to resume naturally in your body. A regular routine of stretching while at work is an ideal routine, even if you do get to the gym each day. You must prevent extended periods of sitting by breaking up your day with a set of stretches or exercises. Even changing to a standing position while working at a desk can help. Click Here!

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