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Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Unique Exercise To Make Quick Gains In Your Arms

Too many people, in their rush to build big arms, often overtrain the biceps. This results in overtraining a muscle that does a heck of a lot of work in most upper body exercises, resulting in little or slow growth [for the average drug free trainer]. Something that I have found that will dramatically increase the size and shape of the upper arm (acknowledging the fact that triceps contribute to 2/3 of the size of the upper arm!) is what I like to call BRACHO BUSTERS! This exercise works the brachoradialis which is the muscle that lies under the biceps. Properly developed this muscle will increase the height of the biceps and give thickness to the upper arm when viewed from the front. Ok, let’s hit the gym! Standing in front of an adjustable low cable pulley, set to knee height, attach a rope [as in rope pushdowns, or you can use a single cable handle as long as it is quite square]. Hold the rope or sides of handle as if you were going to do cable thumbs up curls. Now turn your hands in so that they are almost knuckles to knuckles [most-muscular or crab-pose style], let your elbows flare out from your upper body slightly and pull rope or handle to your upper chest and hold contract and down again. After a few reps you should start feeling it in the Brachos, and what makes it better than hammer curls is that you can actually see the muscle being worked (mind-muscle connection!). For best results it is important to keep your thumbs and upper arms aligned, and arms slightly out from your body at all times. I tend to do 3×20 medium weight, really feeling and watching the muscle work. Your biceps will appear to increase in size within a few days, assuming proper R&R and nutrition are provided. Try this exercise after you have finished your biceps. You’ll love the feeling as your arms ache, pump and GROW to new dimensions! Train Hard, Rick (Anabolic Secrets Research, 2012)

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