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Monday, November 19, 2012

Fitium - Designed To Fit You

What is Fitium? Fitium is a revolutionary online weight loss system which has helped thousands not only lose weight, but live a healthier lifestyle. Fitium was designed with the help of a doctor, nutritionist and personal trainer, distilling years of experience into an easy to follow system, you can access online 24/7 from the comfort of your home. How does Fitium work? The key idea behind Fitium is that there is “no one size fits all diet”. Our genetics, lifestyle, age, fitness, health and diet mean that the same diet can help someone lose weight, whilst making another gain weight! Fitium takes a different approach, and seeks to understand how your body works, in order to provide a personalised plan designed to help your body lose weight naturally, and keep it off! Let’s see how it works: 1. Understanding why you are gaining weight When you first sign up, you’ll complete a short assessment which help Fitium understand how your body works, and pinpoint areas which are causing you to gain weight. 2. Your personalised diet plan Fitium then helps you identify your ideal weight, and creates a personalised plan to help you reach it. Your plan will feature an easy to follow blueprint which includes:  How many calories you need to consume  Which calories to prioritise  Which foods to avoid (including recommended substitutes)  Specific recommendations to address your key weight gain factors  Tailored advice to help blast your stubborn fat zones 3. Lose weight from the first week Starting a new habit or change is not easy, and there are many factors that can derail your progress. So Fitium have developed the 7 Day Accelerator course to guide you through the first week, help you avoid common pitfalls, turbocharge your results and ensure you have the best strategies for long term success too. 4. Take the guesswork out of what to eat Fitium takes the pain out of creating tasty yet healthy meals by providing breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner meals tailored to your exact diet needs. These meals are filling, packed with nutrients and are designed to help you lose weight naturally. 5. Get support and stay on track each step of the way Making lifestyle and diet changes can be overwhelming, especially if you are balancing family life and work. So our team has developed weekly coaching challenges to help you implement your new diet plan, one step at a time, and get closer to looking and feeling great. 6. Tackle the real reasons you gain weight Don't let your environment or lifestyle sabotage your weight loss. Fitium has developed tried and tested strategies to help you deal with emotional eating, social occasions, stress and day to day situations which can get in the way of your progress. 7. Monitor your progress and reach your diet goals Fitium provides an easy to follow dashboard to help you monitor your progress, track your meals, review your activity and keep an eye on your health vitals. This results in improved accountability and has been proven to double weight loss in many studies. Fitium is not just a diet but a lifestyle Many diets focus on the symptoms, instead of tackling the root causes of weight gain they offer “band aid” solutions which tend to be short term, and unsustainable in the long term. Fitium works differently by first understanding what is causing your weight gain, and by helping you tackle the nutrition, mindset and lifestyle changes you need to not only lose weight, but improve your health for the long term. By completing the accelerator course, and the ongoing coaching challenges you will unlock the keys to sustainable weight loss as well as look and feel great. Leverage Works LTD
Leverage Works LTD

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